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Tornado Detector

Tornadoes are naturally occurring weather phenomena, which has taken many lives and caused much injury in the world. Advanced localized detection of approaching tornadoes allows people to seek adequate shelter to reduce the possibility of injury or death for themselves and their families.

Tornadoes emit various electromagnetic, pressure and acoustic signatures. Reliably identifying tornado emission signatures relates to the remote detection of a tornado, and to the sensing of very low frequency sound, and generating an alarm signal based on those sensed very low frequency sound emissions, at a range that allows sufficient time to find shelter. 

The tornado detector, uses the fact that tornadoes emit unique infrasound emissions as a basis for detecting tornadoes and generating the alarm signal. The infrasound emission of tornadoes is characteristic and unique. No other known weather condition emits this signature and detecting this signature permits reliable detection of tornadoes. The localized detection of tornadoes is made possible by utilizing a simple receiver providing advanced warning of the approach of tornadoes. The detector is compact, self-contained and simple to build. Plans only.

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