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3-D Wood Carving Machine

You can be a skilled wood carver in just 20 minutes, glide the copy tip over the original item and the copy arm makes an identical replica of carvings, decoys, statuettes, plaques, moldings, etc. Making fine wood carvings is so simple anyone can do it. The perfection of your first carving will amaze even yourself, you can give your woodworking projects that professional touch. You can make beautiful replicas of inexpensive objects found in any store or gift shop, reproducing them in mahogany, walnut, or other fine woods, making them many times more beautiful and valuable than the original. Carve distinctive gifts and fine carvings that sell! Plans only.  ....more


Saw For Cutting Big Panels

Anyone who has carried big heavy sheet of plywood around, or tried to cut a straight line on one has probably cast an envious eye at the track-mounted panel saws that lumber yards use to slice up big sheets. With this easy to make jig, you can turn your portable circular saw into a panel saw that will do the same job in your own home. It's a simple A-frame stand that leans against the wall and holds any style portable saw. Slide the saw down and it slices a panel in a single stroke. Turn the saw sideways and you can rip panels to their full length by feeding them into the saw lengthwise. Plans only.  ....more


Electrical Discharge Milling

Electric sparks are the cutting edges of the new tools to machine hard metals. In electrical discharge milling , or spark machining as it is sometimes called, metal is removed by controlled electrical discharges across a dielectric gap. This process process is used for regular shop jobs such as drilling, reaming, broaching, die sinking and grinding and other work in hard metal alloys which are impractical to carry out with conventional equipment. Even common every-day materials because of contours to intricate for shaping by standard methods are routinely handled by this little wonder. But now you can put Electrical Discharge Milling in your own home shop with these plans and instructions.  ....more


Precision Metal Casting

Lost - Wax casting makes it possible for anyone to reproduce in metal anything he can model in wax. Unlike sand casting, which demands experience and special equipment, this technique can be learned in a single day, with a minimum of equipment. It's particularly useful for making all types of jewelry, and small metal parts. Silver, gold bronze, brass, aluminum, zinc and white metal alloys all are easily cast. Easy instructions.  ....more


Anodize Aluminum

The deep, rich luster that you've admired on manufactured aluminum items can be duplicated right in your own home. The process known as anodizing requires only a few items. You can add spectacular finishes to aluminum projects or to anodize existing items that have no such finish. The anodized finish is attractive by itself or can be made more dazzling with colored dyes. The colors are chemically sealed into the metallic finish, can't chip or wear off as paint can. Easy instructions.  ....more


Metal Shaper

A metal shaper is indispensable for certain machining operations where flat surfaces must be produced within very close limits, such as machining flats on castings, cutting keyways, rabbets and grooves and reducing the thickness of stock to a given dimension. The Metal Shaper has a 3" stroke, is manually operated and has been especially designed to reduce machine operations in construction to a minimum. Cold rolled steel flats and squares are used for nearly all operating parts and the frame and base. These parts you can purchase cut to size. Plans only.  ....more


Simplified Sheet Metal Layout

Known as the "rollation" method, this trick of the trade shortcut, is a real time-saver in laying out accurate sheet metal patterns. Detailed knowledge of geometry or drafting is not required. This simplified method of laying out sheet metal patterns without an exhaustive knowledge will be a great value to anyone who may undertake his own sheet metal jobs. Instructions only.  ....more


Easy Metal Spinning

For spinning simple projects in aluminum and soft copper, the only equipment you will need is a wood lathe and a few wood forming tools that you can make yourself. For more advanced work you will need a complete set of spinning tools, but they are not needed for simple projects. If you begin with soft aluminum you can spin out a bowl in less than 5 minutes. Easy Metal Spinning instructions.  ....more


Acoustic Levitator

Acoustic levitation is the force of sound waves are used to suspend, position or manipulate an object such as a solid or liquid. Levitated objects can be easily moved from one position to another in any direction and without regard to the confines of an enclosure or temperature variations. The levitated object can be conveyed along a line by making a continuous change in relative phase, or the object can be moved in one direction and then in the reverse direction, and at fixed and variable rates of speed. Rapid, small reversing changes in relative phase can be used, for example, to vibrate the object.

An acoustic levitator uses a pair of opposed sound sources which have interfering sound waves producing acoustic energy wells in which an object may be levitated. The phase of one sound source may be changed relative to the other in order to move the object along an axis between the sound sources.

The potential practical applications for acoustic levitation are numerous and varied. Many potential applications exist whenever there is a need to hold, move, store, position, or process an object without contact with any surface, particularly if contact would damage or contaminate the object or interfere with a  property or state of the object. The application of acoustic forces to a levitated object offer the relatively simple control of object position, shape, and other characteristics. Plans only.  ....more


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