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Thermojet Engine

In the thermo jet engine a unique system is provided where gas jets work in conjunction with a jet to compress the air; the impelling jet resulting from the high velocity of the primary fuel supply. This power plant system is dependent upon, a thermochemical jet process, thus the name "thermo-jet". The thermo jet uses a primary air-injection nozzle in combination with a pilot burner, in  which  fuel is combined with air sufficient to sustain its own continuous combustion. This combustion process is a heat transfer cycle, which is utilized to furnish most of the energy to compress air for the main fuel combustion, eliminating the need for an expensive mechanical compressor. As a power plant the thermojet engine provides for rugged, economical and reliable operation, as no moving parts are required. It burns liquid fuel, such as propane, gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, etc.,  with a high degree of combustion efficiency, because of the ideal fuel-air ratios. The thermo jet engine is a power plant ideally suited for installation on the rotor tips of  helicopters; having the advantage of self-starting , efficient operation, being capable of developing static thrust under stationary conditions, and also has economical fuel consumption at varying speeds and altitudes. Drawings and instructions.






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