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KeyLog Pro Spyware

Do you want to know what other people type on your computer when you are away? Is your Spouse cheating online? Do your kids visit porn sites? Are your Employees wasting company time surfing the internet? KeyLog Pro records every keystroke made on your computer on every window, even on password protected boxes. Secretly record chats, emails, instant messages, keystrokes, Hotmail, AOL emails, ICQ chat, Yahoo! chat and AOL chat with KeyLog Pro Spy Software ....more



Bioterrorism Planning

If you're like most people, you currently have no plan regarding a smallpox outbreak or a bioterrorism incident other than to follow the herd and do what the government and medical authorities tell you to do if something terrible happens. This is the greatest gold-mine of easy "Bioterrorism Planning" advice crammed into one product.


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Identity Theft Protection

Use proven Fraud protection techniques to protect you and your family against identity theft. This book will completely transform how you think, act, and behave in regards to protecting your privacy - by giving you the tools needed to protect your good name against crooks who lurk in the shadows waiting to steal it. If you'd like to learn EXACTLY "How-to actionable step-by-step" things you can do protect and safeguard yourself against id theft attacks, then this might be the most important information you'll ever read to keep the CROOKS from stealing everything you own! .....more


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Get Your Federal Firearms License

If you have ever purchased Firearms, you are aware of the transfer fees most Dealers charge to accept a Firearm, conduct a background check and deliver the firearm to you. Most charge a standard fee ranging from $15.00 to $50.00 and sometimes more. If you purchase just a few firearms a year you can save by Obtaining Your Own Federal Firearms License. Just think of the cost savings alone of buying at low wholesale prices and then your opportunity to resell to others for profit.  Start Saving Big On Firearms and Make An Excellent Income! .....more


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Malodorant Compositions

Malodorant compositions can be useful as non-lethal weapons based on their ability to elicit potent psychological and physiological responses. A variety of responses may be observed upon exposure to malodorant compositions. These responses may range from immediate nausea, gagging and/or vomiting, to various levels of discomfort. The use of obnoxious olfactory stimuli to control and/or modify human behavior in this way is an concept for low-level conflict management. Information contains many malodorant compositions and delivery systems. ....more


Tornado Detector

The tornado detector, uses the fact that tornadoes emit unique infrasound emissions as a basis for detecting tornadoes and generating the alarm signal. The infrasound emission of tornadoes is characteristic and unique. No other known weather condition emits this signature and detecting this signature permits reliable detection of tornadoes. The localized detection of tornadoes is made possible by utilizing a simple receiver providing advanced warning of the approach of tornadoes. The detector is compact, self-contained and simple to build. Plans only. ....more

PPTD771.........................$ 10.00

Acoustic Cannon

 This is an acoustic device that emits repetitive sonic pulses capable of dispersing or incapacitating a target. More particularly, a planar array of multiple acoustic pulse sources cooperates to generate highly focused pulses of high intensity sonic energy over a small area. It's a portable acoustic weapon capable of dispersing or disabling human targets over distances of from less than 10 meters to in excess of 100 meters. Plans only. ....more


Remote Vehicle Disabling System

Virtually everyday, law enforcement personnel are faced with the dilemma of having to stop a moving vehicle whose occupants are trying to avoid apprehension. While many times, the occupants realize the futility of the chase and stop of their own volition, a significant number of such chases end in tragedy with the officer, suspect or innocent bystander being seriously injured or killed.

This is a compact transportable electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generating system for generating and transmitting EMPs at a target vehicle to disrupt electronics controlling operation of the target vehicle. The Remote Vehicle Disabling system is available as information only. ....more


Telephone Transmitter

This simple little transmitter is connected anywhere along the phone line, from the outside box to inside the phone. It broadcasts both sides of a phone conversation through any FM radio. It transmits only when the phone is in use and will not interfere with normal use. It can be left in permanently because it does not need a battery, it uses power from the phone line and will last indefinitely.  ....more


Ultrasonic Microphone

This Ultrasonic Microphone cannot be found by regular anti surveillance equipment and RF detection equipment. It uses ultrasonic vibrations to transmit sounds that are being picked up. The plans include the transmitter  and the receiver needed to pick up the ultrasonic signal. Plus it also shows how to to make an Ultrasonic 2 Way Communications System.  ....more


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