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Remote Vehicle Disabling System

Virtually everyday, law enforcement personnel are faced with the dilemma of having to stop a moving vehicle whose occupants are trying to avoid apprehension. While many times, the occupants realize the futility of the chase and stop of their own volition, a significant number of such chases end in tragedy with the officer, suspect or innocent bystander being seriously injured or killed.

This is a compact transportable electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generating system for generating and transmitting EMPs at a target vehicle to disrupt electronics controlling operation of the target vehicle. The system comprises a power conditioning unit for applying a high voltage signal to a pulse generator after safety and security interlocks have been satisfied and a user actuated command received by the conditioning unit from a system control unit. The system control unit also generates a fire control trigger pulse for actuating the pulse generator and a oscillator trigger unit. After a predetermined time delay the trigger unit actuates an oscillator primed by the output of the pulse generator to transmit a series of pulses to a radiating system via an impedance matching transmission line. The radiating system radiates the EMPs having characteristics which will disable electronics in a target vehicle. The Remote Vehicle Disabling system are available as information only.






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