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Quality Sound Without Speakers

The electro-acoustic transducer may be used as loud-speakers and as ultrasound or infrasound generators and vice versa as microphones or hydrophones. It uses ionized air which creates an  intangible diaphragm that is vibrated by means of a standard amplifier. The AC voltage, which causes a  vibration of the same frequency to the air which surrounds it and which produces a sound wave or vice versa. The advantage is that the ionization voltage is directly modulated by the low frequency, this providing a simpler, more efficient system. Also the ions of opposite polarity recombine and do not create electric charges in the vicinity of the speaker.

The transducers have a very even broad pass band ranging from infrasound to ultrasounds. They have a good linearity in an extensive signal amplitude range, enable pure sounds to be obtained and may provide high fidelity sound, harmonic distortions and phase deviations of the transducers are very slight. All the distortions and other defects due to diaphragms are eliminated.

The electro-acoustic transducer may be constructed in very varied shapes and sizes. In particular, extra-flat loud-speakers and large-surface loud-speakers may be constructed without any of the limitations usually imposed by the diaphragms. Plans for the electro-acoustic transducer and power supply.

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