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Pulse Jet Powered Helicopter

In other rotor tip jet propelled helicopters, it is common to provide a jet engine at the tip or outboard end of each rotor blade. The reaction of the jet causes rotation of the rotor with consequent flight of the craft; with no other power being required. A disadvantage is that with the jet engine at the tip of the rotor, considerable drag occurs as a result of the presence of the jet engine.

This Jet Powered Helicopter uses a special arrangement in which a pulse jet engine is located at the root or inboard end of the rotor structure adjacent the rotor column to simplify the fuel flow problem and obviate the objectionable drag which would otherwise occur with the jet engine at the tip of the rotor. In the construction of this helicopter, the jet engine at the root end of the rotor, uses a relatively long tail pipe forming part of. the engine; and the tail piping is utilized to provide a main spar structure for the rotor and providing the exhaust for the jet engine. The rotor structure provides a simple and light but yet sturdy construction. Because of the relatively long tail piping of the jet engine, quieter operation results compared with a jet motor at the wing tip. The hot gases passing through such tail piping eliminate any icing problems which may otherwise occur under certain conditions of flight. Drawings and instructions.







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