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Focus & Amplify a Magnet

Magnets have a wide variety of uses, sometimes the use of a strong magnetic field to perform these functions generally means the use of a large permanent magnet or a powerful electromagnet. Such magnets are physically large and heavy, and tend to produce wide magnetic fields which can interfere with equipment near the magnet. Devices that include magnets must be designed around the physical size of the magnet needed to produce a desired magnetic field and around the width of the magnetic field produced. By manipulating and focusing the magnetic field of a magnet you can reduce the size and strength required for a magnet to perform it's function. Plans Only. ....more


Vacuum Bagging System for Composits

The use of vacuum pressure has become quite common in the commercial manufacture of fiberglass composite components. Unfortunately, commercial vacuum regulation systems are sized for production work and are priced accordingly. What has been missing until now is an inexpensive way to utilize production style vacuum assisted techniques incorporating affordable, simple to construct, reliable and readily available components. This Vacuum Bagging System can used on both epoxy and polyester resin matrixes and all densities of foam substrates. It can be used to laminate wood and metal parts with equal success. We have only just begun to unlock the system's potential and we are developing more uses for the unit every day.


Offroad Go-Kart Plans

This is a GREAT Project for father and son. Build your Go-kart, using common hand tools and a welder. Great Father Son Project - Boys Club Project - School Shop Project - Family Fun Project - Team Project - or Neighborhood Project. This go-kart is FUN to build and even more FUN to DRIVE !  The designer of these plans, has 40+ years karting experience and has been in the business of building recreational and racing gokarts since 1960. Start Building Your GoKart TODAY! ....more


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Air Flow Heater

Air Heaters use the fact that air is warmed as it flows turbulently through the blades of a blower or pump with no other fuel used other than electricity to turn the motor. They are a way of heating air effectively and efficiently with a multi-stage blower that can pump air at a flow rate adequate to serve as a heater. Each stage of the heater is especially effective in heating air and can achieve at least a 10 degree. temperature rise, the air  flows in a zigzag path radically outward and inward, increasing the air temperature at each stage, to require only a few stages for a usable temperature increase.  Plans Only. ....more


Electric Power Enhancer

A Power Enhancer will reduce the electrical energy consumption of various electrical and electronic devices now in use in your home, lowering your monthly electric bills. By rectifying the alternating current present in most households, the Power Enhancer converts this pulsating direct current into a voltage level between R.M.S. and the peak voltage of the A.C. This causes a lower current to flow which reduces the power used, according to the Ohms Law expectation and this current may be used by the electrical equipment in your home. Plans Only. ....more


Compact Personal Rail Gun

A Compact Personal Rail Gun may be used to shoot ferro-magnetic metallic balls or BBs from a gun through the use of changing magnetic fields. Such an accelerator, is known as a "rail gun". The rail gun circuit has an electrical energy storage element connected to the wire coils. BB position location circuitry is connected to the low side drivers for identifying the location of the BB's being accelerated out of the barrel.  An electrical charger is connected to the controller and to the electrical energy storage element for charging the electrical energy storage element. A trigger is connected to the controller for initiating acceleration of a BB through the barrel.  The gun comprises a main frame containing a barrel to allow smooth passage of a BB, wire coils used to drive the BBs from the barrel, a driver circuit for inducing the wire coils is provided to ensure a synchronized generation of magnetic fields in individual wire coils to accelerate the BBs out of the barrel. The portable rail gun capable of  loading, aligning the BBs into the barrel  and uses regular batteries. Plans Only. ....more


31 Cable Descrambler Plans

Did you know it's perfectly legal to use your own cable descrambling equipment? Its true! You no longer legally have to use the cable company's expensive boxes!This kit includes 31 methods on how to descramble Cable TV. Software on how to descramble cable TV. You may see other websites selling out-dated cable plans, but If you want WORKING plans, please continue reading! ....more


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Acoustic Levitator

 Acoustic levitation is the force of sound waves are used to suspend, position or manipulate an object such as a solid or liquid. Levitated objects can be easily moved from one position to another in any direction and without regard to the confines of an enclosure or temperature variations. The levitated object can be conveyed along a line by making a continuous change in relative phase, or the object can be moved in one direction and then in the reverse direction, and at fixed and variable rates of speed. Drawings & Instructions. ....more



Electromagnetic Vehicle Drive

 The Electromagnetic Drive is a system for electrically propelling a bicycle or other vehicle by placing permanent magnets on the rim of the wheel or wheels, and having one or more electromagnets placed adjacent to them to drive the wheel. A working geometry is provided between an electromagnet and permanent magnet,  which allows for electrically driving the wheel of a vehicle such as a bicycle with enough power to eliminate pedaling. Drawings & Instructions. ....more




Quality Sound Without Speakers

The electro-acoustic transducer may be used as loud-speakers and as ultrasound or infrasound generators and vice versa as microphones or hydrophones. It uses ionized air which creates an  intangible diaphragm that is vibrated by means of a standard amplifier. The AC voltage, which causes a  vibration of the same frequency to the air which surrounds it and which produces a sound wave or vice versa. The advantage is that the ionization voltage is directly modulated by the low frequency, this providing a simpler, more efficient system. Drawings & Instructions. ....more

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Light Energy to Electric Power

This is a high efficiency device for the direct conversion of light power to electrical power.  The converter uses a new, novel and different approach from solar cells based on the direct conversion of photon energy to DC electric energy using micro arrays of sub micron antenna connected to a sub micron rectifier. It absorbs light photons, using an alternating electrical field of  photons to cause electrons in the antenna to resonate and absorb electrical power from it. Plans only. ....more


Permanent Magnet Motor

 By the proper combination of materials, geometry and magnetic concentration, it is possible to achieve a mechanical advantage of high ratio, greater than 100 to 1, capable of producing a continuous motive force. By utilizing ferro magnetic and other materials as a source of power, producing motors without any electron flow, as in normal motors is possible. The magnetic flux created by the magnets is controlled and concentrated to control the speed of the motor to do useful  work. The timing and orientation of magnetic forces produced by permanent magnets to produce a motor is accomplished with the proper geometrical relationship of these components. Plans only. ....more


Music To Light Modulator

Music to light modulators are becoming increasingly popular in night clubs, with students, guitarists, and other musicians. A music to light modulator will transform audio from your stereo, cd player, or amplifier, into varying pulsation's of light, along with the sound of the music. It will control up to 1000 watts of power, it's inexpensive, simple to construct, and very sensitive. Plans only. ....more


Ion Propelled Model Aircraft

This is one of the most unusual aircraft ever, it has no propeller, no jets, no helicopter rotors, no wings, in fact it has no moving parts at all. It needs no runway, takes off vertically, and will fly in any direction like a helicopter. This 2 foot diameter model takes to the air completely unsupported and flies on pure electricity. Lift is produced when a negative charge from the emitter changes surrounding air particles into ions, the ions rush toward the positively charged grid, causing a down flow of air, keeping the aircraft aloft. It can be built in almost any shape, it doesn't matter, but round models are the most easily maneuverable. ....more


How to Find Lost & Hidden Treasure

in Your Own Neighborhood

DISCOVER HOW TO FIND LOST CURRENCY, JEWELRY, COINS AND OTHER VALUABLES OF ALL KINDS! I'm not talking about lost gold mines or buried pirate treasure. The treasures I'm referring to are right in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD. THAT'S RIGHT! You don't have to go to the next state or even the next town. There's plenty of lost and hidden treasure PRACTICALLY UNDER YOUR FEET. A lot of people who together have lost a tremendous fortune over the years. Much of this material is gone forever but plenty is still recoverable. People are prone to hide things, we like to hide things for some reason. I guess it's just human nature. You've squirreled away a few item yourself, haven't you? Quite often people hide valuable things and we have a habit of forgetting where we hid them. A hidden item eventually becomes a lost item. It's just waiting for someone who knows how and where to look and it becomes found.


How to Become an International

Gemstone Dealer

This is a special report that shows you how to sell gemstones - without previous experience, from the comfort of your own home. It is as an ideal business opportunity that enables you to set-up business as an International Gemstone Dealer where knowledge about stones, as in being able to identify them individually, is important but not an absolute ESSENTIAL. Our objective here is to teach you, how to earn lucrative commissions as an online broker, dealing with 27 different types of Gems and minerals. This report is it is the ONLY one of its kind in existence, and furthermore what you will learn from it may bring you thousands of dollars in cash right from your own home. .....more


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Holdem Hustler

A Simple, Foolproof and Easy-to-Use Poker Kit that Will Give YOU the Tools Needed To Become a 100% Guaranteed Winning Poker Player So You will Never Have to Gamble Away a Single Dollar Ever Again! So, what do you do to make guaranteed cash from the game of Texas Holdem? Well, Iíll reveal to you my effective techniques, a full-proof system, some of which are actually so simple to learn, they should be banned! ... more


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