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Easy To Build One Man Helicopter

Did you ever want to fly a helicopter? But they cost too much to learn how to fly, much less to own one. Now you can do both, this easy to build one man homebuilt helicopter can be made from standard parts that are available from your local hardware store and auto parts store, best of all, if you buy everything on the parts list, it will cost you less than a total of $500.00, if you build the rotors, rotor head, and engines, yourself. No license is required to fly the helicopter, it weights less than 225 pounds, so it falls in the "ultralight" flight category that requires no pilots license. The one man helicopter uses two specially designed jet powered, easy to build, engines mounted on the tips of the rotors. Starts with a push of a button, foot controls for the rudder, and has a motorcycle style handlebar controls for the rotors. Plans contain drawings and instructions to build the helicopter, the tip-jet engines, rotor head and rotor blades.






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