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Malodorant Compositions

Non-lethal weapon systems represent important force alternatives for law enforcement and strategic defense purposes. Non-limiting examples of non-lethal weapons that have been developed, or are under development, include tear gases, impact weapons, kinetic energy rounds, flash grenades, acoustic guns, sticky foams, snare nets, stun guns, strobe lights, and other diversionary devices.

Malodorant compositions can be useful as non-lethal weapons based on their ability to elicit potent psychological and physiological responses. A variety of responses may be observed upon exposure to malodorant compositions. These responses may range from immediate nausea, gagging and/or vomiting, to various levels of discomfort. The use of obnoxious olfactory stimuli to control and/or modify human behavior in this way is an concept for low-level conflict management.

Malodorant compositions meets many of the needs of military forces, law enforcement and security forces in non-lethal applications, such as crowd/riot control, hostage negotiation, area denial, and other similar situations. Malodorant compositions are formulated and delivered under conditions effective to subdue or disperse an individual or group of individuals, while minimizing adverse physiological risk to the individual. The malodorant compound should have sufficient stench characteristics to be effective under the circumstances of intended use. The malodorant should have immediate strong, repulsive characteristics to achieve desired less-than-lethal purposes of control. Information contains many malodorant compositions and delivery systems.







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