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Magnetic Pulser

The Magnetic Pulser was designed to penetrate deep into the body to attack the disease causing micro-organisms located within lymph nodes, bones, tissues, and organs. It produces a powerful magnetic pulse that induces a small current in any nearby tissue, killing the pathogens hiding there. It works very well on localized infections, pockets beneath teeth, viruses such as herpes B, HIV, hepatitis, Epstein-Barr and many others that can hide within nerve sheaths and are unable to be attacked by the immune system, or pharmaceuticals and antibiotics. No frequency needs to be known, and works where other conventional treatments, and other electrotherapy treatments don't. The Magnetic Pulser is considered safe to use anywhere on the head, chest, and body except with cardiac pacemaker users. To use the Magnetic Pulser, press fully insulated coil flat against body over lymph glands or other selected locations, and fire coil while contacting each site. You feel no physical sensations except for light thumps during this phase of treatment. This device for research purposes only. Before using, consult your professional health practitioner or Medical Doctor. Plans only.







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