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Lucid Dream Machine

Lucid dreaming is the ability to be aware of the experience of dreaming, while in a dream state. This phenomenon occurs when an individual in the dream state, and without awakening, realizes that he/she is dreaming. During "lucid dreams" the individual is remarkably wakeful--although still asleep. The individual can reason clearly, remember freely, signal that he/she is conscious, and may even change the plot of his/her dream if so desired. The natural and spontaneous occurrence of this phenomenon has been reported by different individuals throughout history. Lucid dreaming can be taught to any individual willing to be trained and motivated enough to practice. Becoming lucid while dreaming is in itself an exhilarating experience and may be used for educational purposes. The Lucid Dreaming Machine will not only help induce the lucid state during REM sleep, but will also provide a means to direct a desired scenario and provide learning opportunities. The REM state of sleep offers a benefit for learning for, in learning to become lucid in REM sleep, one may also learn to utilize this dream state to experience any desired situation, to modify behavior, or to further enhance their personal self awareness. The Lucid Dream Machine comprises a dream (REM) determination circuit, an analog record and volume-controlled playback circuit, and a user-settable delay, allowing the individual to predetermine the time from determination of REM to the actual instant that the prerecorded message is relayed back to the user. The device is also equipped with a coupling jack, allowing further devices to be attached to work in conjunction with the main unit. One of these will be the interface with CD or audio tape. It will allow the use of advance technologies concerning hypnosis, relaxation, learning acceleration, subliminal messages, and others. This enables the user to use the device as an educational means and as a tool to gain the necessary fundamentals needed to be a proficient, lucid dreamer. Plans Only.







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