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Light Energy to Electric Power

This is a high efficiency device for the direct conversion of light power to electrical power. Present efforts in the conversion of light power directly to electric power employ "photo voltaic" devices. Various types of photo voltaic devices have been proposed. Among these are photo voltaic cells which comprise layers of conductors, insulators and semiconductors. The best ones are made from single crystal silicon appropriately "doped" with small quantities of other elements. Present photocells for accomplishing this purpose are well known to have a efficiency not exceeding about 20%. Other processes employ the photo electrochemical potential, to directly produce electric power; efficiency: 6 to 7%, theoretical: 20%.

 The converter uses a new, novel and different approach from solar cells based on the direct conversion of photon energy to DC electric energy using micro arrays of sub micron antenna connected to a sub micron rectifier. It absorbs light photons, using an alternating electrical field of  photons to cause electrons in the antenna to resonate and absorb electrical power from it, with circuit for rectifying AC photon power to DC,  DC being accumulated on conducting busbars from the antenna and associated rectifying circuits. The sub micron rectenna array reacts with light from the near ultraviolet through the visible spectrum to the near infrared. It is far less expensive than present photovaltaic devices since large single expensive crystals of silicon are not used. It will produce electric power at an efficiency of about 75%, an improvement far above existing systems. Plans only.







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