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Ion Facial Massage System

The Ion Facial Massage System improves the  facial skin making it soft and transparent by absorbing bio substances deep into inner skin even beyond a barrier zone by means of positive ions of the skin and negative ions generated through three stages of massage. The human skin is composed of an outer skin layer, an inner skin layer, and a hypoderm skin layer, with a barrier zone that is present between the cell layers. Regeneration of skin depends on the barrier zone, that is, whether or not nutrition substances permeate this protective layer and reach to the inner skin. Nutrition substances alone cannot permeate the barrier zone and be soaked into the inner skin. In order to solve this problem,  cosmetics must reach to the inner skin beyond the barrier zone to regenerate the skin. The ion facial massage system generates positive and negative ions that pass through a barrier zone  to supply nutrition components to the inner skin, and the positive ions make it possible for bio components such as collagen to be absorbed deep into the inner skin, making the facial skin young end elastic. The positive and negative ions having strong resilient components are generated to extract effete materials out of the inner skin, not only effete materials are removed but also the nutrition components of the cosmetics are absorbed deep into the inner skin passing through the barrier zone by  the generated ions, strengthening the elasticity of the cell tissue of the inner skin and the generation of natural hydration factors, and promoting fission functions of new cells. The ion facial massage procedure includes the steps of deep cleansing for extracting effete materials, being effectual for oily skin having acnes and motes, toning and vitalizing for strengthen skin elacitiy by contracting skin pores and improving blood circulation, being effectual for removing skin discoloration of age and blotch, and supplying nutrient components to deep inner skin for regenerating new skin cells, and improving wrinkles and acne scars. Plans Only.







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