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Alternative Health Sciences

Did you know that EVERYONE is already his or her own doctor, they already solve up to 75% - 95% of their health problems by themselves. Only when something happens or something that they can't figure out goes wrong, do people go to see their doctors. We live from day to day somewhere between perfect health and mortal illness--throughout our lives we are always situated somewhere between these two extremes. Your health , if you take good care of it over the long term, it can renew itself and perform far beyond your expectations. But if it is neglected, overworked and exploited, it will soon lose the ability to support life. If confronted with an illness, see a doctor and use every means available to fight it. The primary goal of a good health-care system should be to help people to look after themselves.

        The recuperative and healing powers of the human body are absolutely astonishing, but to function most efficiently they must be carefully nourished and maintained with good eating habits, regular exercise, a suitable environment, the support of others, a meaningful life and self-knowledge. People could do a lot more for themselves if they had access to everything that is already available in terms of tools, skills, support and information. We now know more than ever about the means of positively influencing our health. However this knowledge is not made easily available to the public, some of the following items have been kept secret for decades.

The following items are for research only. No medical use is intended.


Growth Hormone Production

Growth hormone levels play an important role in the physiology of humans. The increase of growth hormone levels within the body to are used for disorders such as chronic viral infections, cancer and diabetes, and conditions such as inflammation, joint and muscle pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, sinus and nasal congestion, breathing difficulties, poor digestion, neuropathy, headaches, reduced mental acuity, poor memory, skin conditions, poor fitness, weight imbalances, and a variety of psychological conditions, such as mood swings, depression, anxiety, confusion and anger, and relates more to the use of homeopathic dilutions of one or more growth factors to treat disorders. Use of the homeopathic growth factors have also been demonstrated to increase lean muscle mass while reducing body fat, and improve overall health, fitness and mental clarity. ....more


Holistic & Alternative Medicine

Do you suffer from a chronic health problem, but you just canít seem to find a treatment that works? You might be a good candidate for holistic medical care. Believe it or not, there is a lot more to medical treatments than conventional medicine would have you believe. There are many forms of alternative medicine like homeopathic medications, massage therapy, aromatherapy and nutrition counseling. Each of these approaches focuses on you as an individual so that you can have your needs addressed in a way that is comfortable for you and that works to alleviate not only the symptoms, but the root cause of your problems. ....more


Weight Loss!

Obesity is one of the most common disorders in clinical practice. Defined (by the NIH) as a body weight 20% or more above "desirable" weight, over one third of adult Americans are overweight. If all Americans were to achieve a normal body weight, it has been estimated that there would be a 3 year increase in life expectancy, 25% less coronary heart disease, and 35% less congestive heart failure and stroke. ....more


Lucid Dream Machine

Lucid dreaming is the ability to be aware of the experience of dreaming, while in a dream state. This phenomenon occurs when an individual in the dream state, and without awakening, realizes that he/she is dreaming. During "lucid dreams" the individual is remarkably wakeful--although still asleep. The individual can reason clearly, remember freely, signal that he/she is conscious, and may even change the plot of his/her dream if desired. Plans Only. ....more


Ion Facial Massage System

The Ion Facial Massage System improves the  facial skin making it soft and transparent by absorbing bio substances deep into inner skin even beyond a barrier zone by means of positive ions of the skin and negative ions generated through three stages of massage. The human skin is composed of an outer skin layer, an inner skin layer, and a hypoderm skin layer, with a barrier zone that is present between the cell layers. Regeneration of skin depends on the barrier zone, whether or not nutrition substances permeate this protective layer and reach to the inner skin. Plans Only. ....more


Electronic Production of Nitric Oxide

This is a system for producing a mixture of nitric oxide and air for the treatment of many medical conditions. It enables unlimited production of nitric oxide at any location using only air and a source of electricity. The electric arc discharge produces the nitric oxide mixed with air. The mixture of nitric oxide and air is purified and blended with other gases and/or therapeutic agents, and the therapeutical gas mixture is delivered to different organs of a human body using attachments. Nitric oxide relaxes smooth muscles almost immediately after delivery; the action of nitric oxide is limited only to the organ selected for treatment. Nitric oxide is crucial to the body, it mediates the control of blood pressure, helps the immune system kill invading parasites that enter cells, stops cancer cells from dividing, transmits signals between brain cells, and reduces the large scale death of brain cells that can debilitate people with strokes or Huntington's disease. Plans Only. ....more


Crystal Photon Field Emitter

The use of electromagnetic fields (emfs) and, in particular, the use of weak emfs for stimulating biological processes is a concept that is gaining more acceptance by the scientific community which is beginning to realize that biological systems do not necessarily incorporate linear operating systems based on models developed by scientists. Since antiquity, healing powers have been attributed to pure crystals of various minerals. The Crystal Photon Field Emitter is a device for stimulating biological processes using a distinctive crystal photon field of a crystal and positioning a subject within the crystal photon field. The Crystal Photon Field system generates a distinctive, non-engineered bio-stimulating vector (the crystal photon field) that requires no focusing, covers an extremely large treatment area, is void of an emf generated by an electrical current carrying conductor, and is used without contact. Plans Only. ....more


HomeMade Medicine

Stop Putting Up With Side Effects From Prescription and Over the Counter Drugs. Don't Buy Another Expensive Herbal Preparation, Essential Oil or Tincture, When you can Learn How to Do it Yourself... "Here's How You Can Quickly and Easily Get Rid of Harsh Synthetic Prescription Drugs. You Will be Able to Treat Your Whole Family ... Without Side Effects, Using only Natural Herbs, Vitamins and Nutrients, That You Can Prepare Yourself Following a Few Easy Steps!" ....more


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Yoga Health Secrets

Happiness is in the mind, and the mind is supported by the body Ė a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Your happiness depends on your mind and it depends on your body. Without physical health you can't be completely happy, and without mental happiness you can't be completely healthy. Health is a positive state; not just the absence of a negative one. It's not only the absence of disease. For too long now traditional Western medicine has treated illness as only a disease: an enemy that attacks you and needs to be counter-attacked; but in reality it's nothing more than an imbalance in the natural harmony of body and mind. True healing means restoring that balance, and true health means keeping it. Yoga means "to unify." It's the holistic approach to all aspects of life: physical, mental and spiritual. Yoga views the person as a whole; as a unique combination of body, mind and soul, and its techniques maintain that body-mind-soul harmony. ....more


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Therapeutic Facial Mask

This therapeutic device is ideally suited for administering of safe, beneficial light treatment to skin tissue, for therapeutic healing effects, repair, or beauty treatment to an individual's facial skin. It provides beneficial therapeutic results such as the removal of unwanted wrinkles from the skin, age spots, faster healing and smoother skin texture. It uses a mask for placement over the face or selected area of an individual, flooding the skin with evenly distributed beneficial light treatments, to enhance the characteristics of the skin. It can be used on a wide range of human facial sizes and shapes, without contacting the skin. As a result, the mask may be used by virtually anybody wishing to use it.  Plans Only.  ....more




Rife Machine

Raymond Rife was an early cancer researcher at a USC cancer clinic. He not only developed a high-power microscope to see disease causing micro-organisms, he also invented an instrument to successfully neutralize and kill the pathogens that cause most diseases. Not only did this instrument work on cancer causing pathogens, it also worked on many other disease causing viruses, bacteria, and fungi. He found that each disease causing pathogen had its own resonant frequency, and by applying power to that frequency, it would kill that organism. He soon developed a list of over 50 diseases that his machine would work on. Over the years other researchers have added to the list and now contains hundreds of frequencies for all types of diseases and illnesses. The Rife machine is easy to build, and simple to operate. Plans include the diagrams, and frequency list for the Rife Machine.  ....more


Magnetic Pulser

The Magnetic Pulser was designed to penetrate deep into the body to attack the disease causing micro-organisms located within lymph nodes, bones, tissues, and organs. It produces a powerful magnetic pulse that induces a small current in any nearby tissue, killing the pathogens hiding there. It works very well on localized infections, pockets beneath teeth, viruses such as herpes B, HIV, hepatitis, Epstein-Barr and many others that can hide within nerve sheaths that are unable to be attacked by the immune system, or pharmaceuticals and antibiotics. No frequency needs to be known, and works where other conventional treatments, and other electrotherapy treatments don't. The Magnetic Pulser is considered safe to use anywhere on the head, chest, and body except with cardiac pacemaker users. Plans only. ....more


  Electronic Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a technique that has been around for hundreds of years. It uses very sharp, very thin needles placed in the body at certain points to eliminate pain, stress, insomnia, toothaches, headaches, arthritis, asthma, fatigue and countless other conditions. This Electronic Acupuncture device can do the same things, completely painless, without needles! To find an acupuncture point, glide the tip of the probe across the skin until the unit detects the point for stimulation. To stimulate the acupuncture point, set the intensity control, and select the time of stimulation. Easy, painless, clinically tested, and absolutely safe to use. Plans come with an acupuncture chart listing the the points and their uses.  ....more


Bio-Feedback Generator

  Human mental activity can be measured in terms of electrical activity of the brain as represented by brain waves, electrical potential changes measured by electromyographic method, potential changes at the surface of the skin or temperature at the skin surface. These physiological phenomena can be used to control the autonomic nerve system of a person or used as a method of rehabilitation. When a person is in a relaxed state of mind, the predominant brain waves are alpha waves and the muscles become relaxed. When a person is in a nervous, strained or highly excited state, beta waves are predominant, and the muscle potential becomes high. By controlling the brain waves, you can induce that person into any state of mind. Plans only. ....more


Muscle Stimulator

      When you haven't exercised in a long time, you become stiff and you may suffer from such ailments as arthritis or rheumatism. You may become overweight and in pain, and it is then difficult to exercise. It's a vicious circle, because physical exercise is essential to physical and ""mental" fitness. Now you can tone up and get the body you want without the physical part of exercising. No weight lifting, running or working out in the gym. Simply place the pads on the group of muscles you want exercised, turn on The Muscle Stimulator and let it tone-up the muscles. It does the exercising while you do other things, reading, housework or watching TV,etc. Plans Only.  ....more


Facial Muscle Stimulator

Your face consists of over 50 strands of muscle, which go in different directions and connect directly to the skin, upper and lower lips, cheeks, nose, and the surrounding areas. When these muscles begin to get weak your face gets wrinkles, bags under the eyes and your face feels the effect of gravity and starts to sag. The Facial Muscle Stimulator is a non-surgical way to firm, tone and tighten face and neck muscles in minutes. Simply glide the tip of the Facial Stimulator over your skin, it sends a gentle, natural pulse to the muscle, much like the body's nerve impulses. These impulses increase blood circulation to the muscles and skin for a healthier looking face, relaxes the nervous system producing anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates normal cellular repair and regeneration by firming and toning the muscles. The result is firmer muscles, tighter skin, with smoothed, less visible wrinkles with greatly improved skin tone. Plans Only.  ....more



Colloidal Silver Maker

Colloidal Silver is a all natural dietary supplement that kills micro-organisms that cause disease and illnesses, all fungus, virus, bacteria and other pathogens. There is no microbe known that can live in the presence of even minute traces of the chemical element of metallic silver and resistant strains have not been known to develop. Colloidal Silver does more than kill disease-causing organisms, it promotes rapid healing, is responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system and stimulates growth of injured tissues. Colloidal Silver is the best all-around germ fighter we have, it's microscopic particles easily penetrate and travel throughout the body. Colloidal Silver is nontoxic, does not weaken the body's immune system and has no side effects. Plans Only.  ....more


Stop Smoking Forever

Do you think that it is about time you quit smoking? Or have you already quit several times and are right back at it? You can use this book is to help you STOP SMOKING FOREVER!!!, without the urge to start up again. In just one week after using this information to quit smoking, you can be free from tobacco forever!  more.....


Natural Sleep Inducer

In today's active, mobilized society noise has become a common problem. No where is this felt more than when one is trying to fall asleep. In an effort to aid in sleeping the use of sleeping tablets has mushroomed. As is well known, this approach to the problem often creates physical and psychological side effects. For this reason it was considered advantageous to induce sleep by physical methods. Recently it has been recognized that white noise broadcast as a hum, for lack of a better worded description, can be quite effective as a sleep inducer. This is a device, used in assisting the induction of natural sleep, by producing several wave forms such that an analgesic noise device can approximate soothing sounds of nature, i.e., waves, rain, wind. Plans only.  ....more


Hypnosis / Visual Stimulator

This is a device for inducing self hypnosis, as well as for teaching slow learning children. It utilizes momentary serial reflections of a user from a mirror with interspersed exposure to opaque colored areas, or combination of words, pictures, letters, numbers, etc. The repetition of exposure is variable under control of the user, and above certain cyclic rates, the impression upon the user is totally subliminal, and at the slowest speeds, and is completely hypnotic. It is  a mechanically operated device which is relatively inexpensive to make and simple to use while yet being capable of producing visual effects which are better suited to obtain such objectives as self-hypnosis, meditation, tension alleviation, and emotional relaxation. Self-Hypnosis /Visual Stimulation Device is available as plans only.  ....more


The above items are for research only. No medical use is intended or implied.

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