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Growth Hormone Production

Growth hormone levels play an important role in the physiology of humans. The increase of growth hormone levels within the body to are used for disorders such as chronic viral infections, cancer and diabetes, and conditions such as inflammation, joint and muscle pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, sinus and nasal congestion, breathing difficulties, poor digestion, neuropathy, headaches, reduced mental acuity, poor memory, skin conditions, poor fitness, weight imbalances, and a variety of psychological conditions, such as mood swings, depression, anxiety, confusion and anger, and relates more to the use of homeopathic dilutions of one or more growth factors to treat disorders. Use of the homeopathic growth factors have also been demonstrated to increase lean muscle mass while reducing body fat, and improve overall health, fitness and mental clarity. Growth hormone levels within the body decrease after puberty, and gradually decline throughout life. Growth hormone supplementation in elderly individuals cause physiological changes consistent with rejuvenation. Growth hormone supplementation is considered to be highly advantageous treatments for such conditions and do not produce undesirable side effects. The homeopathic preparations of growth factors shown can be made at a fraction of the cost of commercially available HGH. Homeopathic preparations of growth factors may be administered orally, topically, using eye drops or nasal sprays, transdermally, to patients to produce beneficial effects.







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