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Focus & Amplify a Magnet

Magnets have a wide variety of uses, sometimes the use of a strong magnetic field to perform these functions generally means the use of a large permanent magnet or a powerful electromagnet. Such magnets are physically large and heavy, and tend to produce wide magnetic fields which can interfere with equipment near the magnet. Devices that include magnets must be designed around the physical size of the magnet needed to produce a desired magnetic field and around the width of the magnetic field produced. By manipulating and focusing the magnetic field of a magnet you can reduce the size and strength required for a magnet to perform it's function. Focusing the magnetic field substantially eliminates or reduces disadvantages and problems associated with previously used unfocused magnets. Opposing magnetic pairs are used to direct a magnetic field along an alignment axis spaced apart in a focusing plane, forming an alignment path, which direct a magnetic beam from the alignment path along the alignment axis from each side of the focusing assembly. With the addition of a coil to the assembly, a directed magnetic pulse can be generated. This beam is a magnetic monopole which emits pulses, levitates, degausses, stops electronics and separates materials. The focused field may perform functions using less total magnetic force than is used by an unfocused magnet. This allows for the use of smaller permanent magnets, or electromagnets that use lower amounts of electric power. A device built with focused magnets can be built smaller and less of a need for power than devices using standard magnets. Plans Only







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