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The Ultralite-Flea

The Ultralite-Flea is designed as a low-cost homebuilt ultralight. The tandem-wing design of the Ultralite-Flea was inspired by the Henri Mignet's popular Flying Flea sports airplane.

A tandem-wing plane has two main wings that both produce lift, unlike a conventional plane which has one main wing producing lift and one tail wing producing downward force. A tandem-wing plane pulls less drag to generate the same amount of lift than a conventional plane.

Like Burt Rutan's canard design, the tandem-wing is stall proof. In any situation the front wing would always stall first to prevent the whole airplane to tilt into a stall position which also induces a spin. With a pusher propeller the airframe flies in cleaner air (no prop slipstream),  providing better efficiency.

Two tandem-wings are smaller in size compared with a single main wing of a conventional plane. The Ultralite-Flea features two 18 ft span wings of the same dimensions. Note that it is less expensive and easier to build two copies of 18 ft wing than one 30 ft wing (a conventional ultralight would otherwise require).

Through out the design, considerable effort was made to avoid high cost and hard to find materials and hardware, and the structure is designed to require minimum of jigs, templates and tooling. The Ultarlight Flea requires no license to fly.






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