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FX Super-Light

The FX Super-Light is a wood/foam fabric-covered, single or two-seat, high-wing airplane that is a very simple design. The wing and fuselage is covered with Dacron Polycloth. It is attached to the wood structure with a glue called polytac, then heat-shrunk. No stitching is necessary.

FXS is powered by a 27 horse power Rotex engine, with a 2.58 reduction drive. Take off from 150 feet, climb 600 feet per minute, and cruise at 60 miles per hour. The Wing construction is quite straight forward; foam ribs and plywood structure for speed and simplicity of construction. Fuselage construction is simple and just like building a model airplane. The structure is a braced box with plywood forward of the seat.

FXS design is basically a traditional fabric-covered wooden light airplane which is similar to such as the popular SKY POP and MINIMAX. The design objective is to be as simple as possible, yet strong, light-weight, and built with least-expensive material.

By utilizing the best of many great designs, The FXS features the simplicity of Sky pop's construction, and the versatility of MINIMAX's control system and so on.

The result is not only an airplane that is easy to build, it is also easy to fly, and offers great view from its large enclosed cockpit. Landing is very slow at 20 miles per hour; and the handling is superb, thanks to its full-span ailerons and large tail surfaces.


The plans for building of FXS are complete, step-by-step, fully detailed and easy to understand. This airplane is fun and economical to build and fly.



If you are interested in homebuilt planes and are considering many choices, such as the composite, welded-steel-tube-and-fabric, sheet metal or aluminum tubing. We hope you do look into our wood, foam and fabric covered FXS before you make any decision.




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