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Light Energy to Electric Power

 The converter uses a new, novel and different approach from solar cells based on the direct conversion of photon energy to DC electric energy using micro arrays of sub micron antenna connected to a sub micron rectifier. It absorbs light photons, using an alternating electrical field of  photons to cause electrons in the antenna to resonate and absorb electrical power from it. It will produce electric power at an efficiency of about 75%, an improvement far above existing systems. Plans only. ....more


Permanent Magnet Motor

 By the proper combination of materials, geometry and magnetic concentration, it is possible to achieve a mechanical advantage of high ratio, greater than 100 to 1, capable of producing a continuous motive force. By utilizing ferro magnetic and other materials as a source of power, producing motors without any electron flow, as in normal motors is possible. The magnetic flux created by the magnets is controlled and concentrated to control the speed of the motor to do useful  work. The timing and orientation of magnetic forces produced by permanent magnets to produce a motor is accomplished with the proper geometrical relationship of these components. Plans only. ....more


Build Your Own
Solar Electric System

Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System takes the mystery out of solar electrical systems. It explains solar power in language that the average person will have no trouble understanding and putting to good use. It takes you through the learning process step by step, starting with an overview of solar power and continues on with one of the most important things involved when living with an alternative energy system, i.e., energy conservation. You'll learn about the various components of a solar electric system, batteries, inverters, charge controllers, photovoltaic panels, etc. and how they connect to and interact with each other to form a complete solar electric system. .....more


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Thermodynamic Production of  Hydrogen 

 This is a new thermodynamic device to produce hydrogen gas and oxygen gas from ordinary water molecules or from sea water at normal temperatures and pressure. It also is a method for electrically treating water molecules to decompose them into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas at efficiency levels ranging between approximately 80-100%. The largest drawback to using hydrogen as a fuel is that other methods of producing hydrogen have been extremely inefficient and usually cost more to produce the hydrogen than the cost of other fuels, but using the  thermochemical extraction processes of  water-splitting, hydrogen can be easily and economically produced. Plans Only. ....more


Focus & Amplify a Magnet

Magnets have a wide variety of uses, sometimes the use of a strong magnetic field to perform these functions generally means the use of a large permanent magnet or a powerful electromagnet. Such magnets are physically large and heavy, and tend to produce wide magnetic fields which can interfere with equipment near the magnet. Devices that include magnets must be designed around the physical size of the magnet needed to produce a desired magnetic field and around the width of the magnetic field produced. By manipulating and focusing the magnetic field of a magnet you can reduce the size and strength required for a magnet to perform it's function. Plans Only. ....more


Air Flow Heater

Air Heaters use the fact that air is warmed as it flows turbulently through the blades of a blower or pump with no other fuel used other than electricity to turn the motor. They are a way of heating air effectively and efficiently with a multi-stage blower that can pump air at a flow rate adequate to serve as a heater. Each stage of the heater is especially effective in heating air and can achieve at least a 10 degree. temperature rise, the air  flows in a zigzag path radially outward and inward, increasing the air temperature at each stage, to require only a few stages for a usable temperature increase. Plans Only.  ....more


Electric Power Enhancer

A Power Enhancer will reduce the electrical energy consumption of various electrical and electronic devices now in use in your home, lowering your monthly electric bills. By rectifying the alternating current present in most households, the Power Enhancer converts this pulsating direct current into a voltage level between R.M.S. and the peak voltage of the A.C. This causes a lower current to flow which reduces the power used, according to the Ohms Law expectation and this current may be used by the electrical equipment in your home.  ....more


Low Energy Heater

This is a very simple heater to make, it uses the principal of friction between rolling liquid molecules set in motion by a spinning action. A small 6 inch unit can heat a room and a 24 inch unit can heat a home. It can be scaled up or down to suit your needs. The money you save on heating bills will more than pay for the cost of the heater, you may even have everything you need to build the heater just lying around the house. Plans only.  ....more


Ambient Power Module

Free Energy? Not quite but almost, other people have already paid for it but you get it for free. The energy you need is all around you, radio stations, TV stations, military, microwaves, yes and even your cell phone, they all add up to tremendous energy all around you, so why not use it? The larger the city the better. This design converts radio frequency energy into power, that can be used by the devices in your home. It has also been used by the military for certain applications. It can be used to power just one item in a remote area where there is no power lines, or scale it up for the whole house. Great for campers, cabins, boats or just about anything you can think of. Plans only.  ....more


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