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Electromagnetic Vehicle Drive

 The Electromagnetic Drive is a system for electrically propelling a bicycle or other vehicle by placing permanent magnets on the rim of the wheel or wheels, and having one or more electromagnets placed adjacent to them to drive the wheel. A working geometry is provided between an electromagnet and permanent magnet,  which allows for electrically driving the wheel of a vehicle such as a bicycle with enough power to eliminate pedaling. A sensor unit senses the positions of the magnets relative to the electromagnets, and applies appropriately timed pulses of electricity to a interface. The interface amplifies the pulses from the sensor and inputs them into the electromagnets. Permanent magnets mounted on the wheel create a high efficiency force between the electromagnets and the permanent magnets. Because of the light weight, it adds little extra effort for the bicyclist when the drive mechanism is not engaged. As a supplemental feature, circuitry is provided for recharging batteries, while the bicycle is coasting down hill or stopping.







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