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E-Z Copter

The design of EZ-Copter is very simple, it uses a lightweight frame with seat, and a rotor head mounted to it. Mounted on the rotor head are the two rotor blates and two lightweight motors used to rotate the rotor blades, lifting this lightweight craft into the air.

By eliminating the tail rotor, clutch, gear box, the need for a big engine no longer exists. The EZ-Copter rotor blades are powered by the thrust of two small gas engines. The rotating blades create the lift without a reaction force as in a normal helicopter so it doesn't need a tail rotor. The result is a super simple and light weight helicopter that is easy to build and easy to fly. Due to it's light weight it falls under the FAA's ultralight weight class so no license is required or needed!


The construction plans to build the E-Z Copter includes the drawing's and instructions.





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