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Crystal Photon Field Emitter

The use of electromagnetic fields (emfs) and, in particular, the use of weak emfs for stimulating biological processes is a concept that is gaining more acceptance by the scientific community which is beginning to realize that biological systems do not necessarily incorporate linear operating systems based on models developed by scientists. Since antiquity, healing powers have been attributed to pure crystals of various minerals. The Crystal Photon Field Emitter is a device for stimulating biological processes using a distinctive crystal photon field of an ungrounded crystal and positioning a subject within the crystal photon field. The Crystal Photon Field system generates a distinctive, non-engineered bio-stimulating vector (the crystal photon field) that requires no focusing, covers an extremely large treatment area, is devoid of an emf generated about an electrical current carrying conductor, and is used  without tissue contact. The emitter system includes a connector to an electrical power source; a low pressure lamp generating a radiation consisting of the photon field wavelengths and a rose quartz crystal. The radiation is incident to the rose quartz crystal's surface, the crystal emits a crystal photon field about itself, this field stimulates biological processes of the subject placed within the field. Portable and light in weight, is simple and safe to operate, with no tissue contact, uses a natural non-engineered field and not pulse generator emitted emfs, and does not require restricting the subject. Plans only.






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