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Compact Personal Rail Gun

A Compact Personal Rail Gun may be used to shoot ferro-magnetic metallic balls or BBs from a gun through the use of changing magnetic fields. Such an accelerator, is known as a "rail gun". The rail gun circuit has an electrical energy storage element connected to the wire coils. BB position location circuitry is connected to the low side drivers for identifying the location of the BB's being accelerated out of the barrel.  An electrical charger is connected to the controller and to the electrical energy storage element for charging the electrical energy storage element. A trigger is connected to the controller for initiating acceleration of a BB through the barrel.  The gun comprises a main frame containing a barrel to allow smooth passage of a BB, wire coils used to drive the BBs from the barrel, a driver circuit for inducing the wire coils is provided to ensure a synchronized generation of magnetic fields in individual wire coils to accelerate the BBs out of the barrel. The portable rail gun capable of  loading, aligning the BBs into the barrel  and uses regular batteries. Plans Only.






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