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Brainwave Music

This newly developed method of precise music synthesis allows you to listen to music composed by your brainwaves. The human brain develops electrical activity, also known as brain waves, at the microvolt level with discrete frequency ranges. A signal processor converts these brain wave signals into electrical signals which are converted into music by synthesizers and applying the musical signal to the human brain, or any other brain, to induce controllable physiological responses. The music is engineered to have psycho acoustical and musical properties that induce the brain to produce a particular type of brain wave activity. The physiological response of the brain to the feedback music actively drives the brainwave activity into resonance with the music to form a real time physiological music. The musical program in which it is encoded, also can be used to promote emotional states without additional stimuli. For example, alpha activity can be enhanced so as to induce relaxation solely by musically reinforcing the alpha activity that is sensed. Some composers have used brainwave signals and converted them into musical compositions and have produced some interesting results. Plans Only.






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