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Pocketsize Brainwave Inducer

The human brain produces detectable electrical signals which vary in strength and frequency. Different frequencies are associated with different moods, behavior and emotions. If a specific brain wave is induced dominantly, then the person will enter the corresponding physical and emotional state. By externally creating brain wave frequencies you can change the existing mood or emotion to the desired behavior, will be able to relax better, are better able to receive subliminal or audible audio messages and be able to learn more quickly and permanently. The Brainwave Inducer is used to externally induce specific brain wave frequencies by using magnetic and electric fields, precise wave forms generated through coils to stimulate the nervous system. It has preset settings for relaxation, to induce sleep, sexual stimulation, excitement and also to keep you awake or you can adjust the frequency to set your own mood. It fits in your pocket and is shielded on 3 sides so that it only effects you or you can turn it around and it can be used to change the mood on anyone up to 5'. Plans Only.







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