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Bio-Feedback Generator

  Human mental activity can be measured in terms of electrical activity of the brain as represented by brain waves, electrical potential changes measured by electromyographic method, potential changes at the surface of the skin or temperature at the skin surface. These physiological phenomena can be used to control the autonomic nerve system of a person or used as a means of rehabilitation. When a person is in a relaxed state of mind, the predominant brain waves are alpha waves and the muscles become relaxed. When a person is in a nervous, strained or highly excited state, beta waves are predominant, and the muscle potential becomes high. By controlling the brain waves, you can induce that person into any state of mind. This kind of mind control is called "biofeedback" and apparatus used for such purposes is a biofeedback system. A biofeedback system entrains your brain waves to match the frequency of the generator. You can choose the state of mind that you want, change your mood, deep meditation, a variety of altered states of awareness, improved memory and comprehension. Plans only.






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