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We anticipate that this article will create a sensation in scientific circles, as well as with laymen, and we present it for what it is worth. We have not made any of Dr. Abrams' tests, and we print the article with an open mind, neither endorsing nor condemning it. We say with Shakespeare: "THERE ARE MORE THINGS IN HEAVEN AND EARTH, HORATIO, THAN ARE DREAMT OF IN YOUR PHILOSOPHY." Dr. Abrams is well known as a scientist; he has made this interesting subject his life work, and his views are endorsed by many prominent doctors and scientists. He is the author of numerous works, amongst them an elaborate book: "New Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment." Will our readers please advise us should they be successful with Dr. Abrams' experiments? -The Editors.

Popular Demonstration of Thought-Transference and Other Phenomena


DETAILED reference to this subject- matter may be found in my book, "New Concepts in Diagnosis AND Treatment" where attention was first directed to the demonstration of these phenomena by apparatus not available to the laity. Telepathy is in disrepute and the scientifically minded psychologist doesn't believe it. Science demands that phenomena should be objective, capable of reproduction at all times and demonstrable by instruments" of precision.

The simple scientific method which I shall present shows that spiritistic phenomena are independent of disembodied spirits and referable to human energy : that it will serve as a means of disocculting the occult and will enlist the genius of the multitude in corroborating my original investigations.

Telepathy. - Derived from tele, at a distance and pathos, feeling, it signifies that one mind (agent) can influence another mind (percipient) without the agency of the recognized organs of sense.

Brain-Waves are an actuality and like light and the impulses of "wireless" are conveyed by the ether.

The Electron Theory shows that the ultimate constituents of matter are electrons or charges of electricity and that Radio-Activity is dependent on ethereal disturbances by a change in motions of the electrons.

Animal Reflexes. - When the pupil of the eye contracts to light it is a Reflex and involuntary. The reflexes surpass in sensitivity any instrument devised by science and show that Radiation is a universal property of matter. The perceptive structure of the eye (Retina) is 3,000 times as sensitive as the most rapid photographic plate and the nerve of vision (optic), 2/5 of an inch in diameter contains 500,000 to 800,000 insulated fibers.

The electro-magnetic waves in "wireless" demand an exciter, but the sensitive human reflexes first utilized by the writer in detecting energy make an exciter unnecessary: the revolutions of the electrons alone substitute the exciter.

The Heart. - The writer employs this muscular organ among other reflexes for converting energy waves into a sensible form. It is coincidently a receiving station and also a detector of etheric thought waves.

Technique. - The percipient must have a regular and comparatively large pulse and must be seated in a comfortable chair facing the geographical West Colored wearing apparel must be avoided by agent and percipient : the latter's eyes must be closed to avoid distraction, breathing regular and mind abstracted during all observations. Experiments should be executed primarily in daylight. All reference to the pulse, refers to the movements of the straw connected to the percipient's pulse. Find the latter (Fig. 1) and indicate its location with a pencil.

Cut a very small piece of adhesive plaster and roll it so that the roll presents an adhesive surface on both sides.

Fig. 1.- X indicates the site of the wrist pulse.

Fix it parallel to the pulse. To the plaster attach one end of a very fine straw (from a broom), 6 1/2 inches long. Place the straw at an angle so that it will approximate a sheet of ruled paper (vertical lines).

Fig. 2.-Position of arm with straw attached to the pulse.

Observe the swing of the straw directly or as a shadow. In the latter event, if the light is from the South use the right and if from the North, the left pulse.

Note that the greatest amplitude of the straw is secured by the arm resting comfortably on a book or cushion with the hand dependent from the side of the table (Fig. 2).

Experiment I.- Solving the mystery of mind acting upon mind by brain waves traversing the ether.

Prove that the brain wave-theory is correct despite the fact that, telepathic effects unlike other forms of radiant energy do not vary in intensity according to distance. The moment a person (agent) Wills Forcibly (not mere thought) there is a slight hesitancy or retardation of the straw. Close observation shows a slight extra kick of the latter followed by a transitory stop (inhibition). Each time the agent wills in the direction of the percipient (irrespective of distance), the pulse effects may be noted.

Before each act of willing by the agent, at least 10 seconds must elapse to permit the percipient's heart to recover from the excited reflex. The latter is easily exhausted by too much experimentation on the same subject. If several persons are present, their minds should be passive so that the waves from the agent alone will act. Note by the effects on the pulse that some are able to will more forcibly than others.

To note the action on the pulse over a great distance, suspend a coil of wire from a room fixture (aerial) and to the latter connect a wire (see experiment III and Fig. 3) with the pit of the stomach of percipient (over the clothing). If the agent executes willing at a distance (in the percipient's direction) the latter may be informed over the telephone the moment he wills by another who announces the fact the moment the pulse of the percipient is retarded.

I have successfully conducted this interesting experiment at a distance of 41 miles.

Experiment II. - Showing the effects of concentrated thought. When sudden concentrated thought (arithmetical problem) is executed, some agents may influence the pulse but all may do so if Red Material is placed on the agent's head.

Note the influence of different colors on intense thought or willing by the agent. Red and Yellow increase and Purple decreases the effects on the pulse.

Experiment III. - Showing that concentration of the mind is literally true. To prove this brain focusing, let the agent concentrate the mind on one of several wooden or paper objects in the room. One end of a wire* (A) is connected with the percipient and aerial and another wire (B) is connected to the aerial (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3.- Showing connections of wires A and B. A, is connected to aerial and stomach of percipient and B, to aerial with one end for touching objects or for use in studying gravitational energy. Wires may be hooked directly to a fixture.

An independent person now touches with the other end of wire B, the several objects in succession. The moment the object on which the agent has concentrated is touched, the effect on the pulse may be noted. Permit the wire to remain in contact with each object for several seconds.

Experiment IV. - Proving that good thinkers use two sides of the brain and that ordinary thinkers use only one side. Genius is a matter of bicerebration. Use two wires as in experiment III. While the agent is engaged in some mental arithmetical problem (addition or multiplication), an independent person places one end of the (B) wire in contact with one side of his head (5 inches) directly above the extreme upper end of the ear). If there is no pulse response try the other side. Note that, in the good thinker, there is a pulse response from both sides of the head whereas in the ordinary thinker, the response is from one side only.

Experiment V. -It is said that the secret of gravitation is the greatest problem still unsolved. Prove the correctness of the author's theory, vis., that, A gravitation is an electrical attraction and that the ether is in itself an electrical charge of positive and negative electricity; that B the ether's composition is derived from the radioactivity of all substances in the universe.

Use two wires as in experiment III. Place wire B on the floor and note each time a heavy body is raised, the effect may be noted on the pulse. The shearing of the ether's electricity into positive and negative may be demonstrated by bringing the end of wire A in contact with the Vagus Nerve (instead of pit of stomach) as in experiment VII.

Note that, by the latter maneuver, at the center of gravity of the raised object, the electricity is negative and positive, on either side of the gravitational center.

Experiment VI. - Showing that personal magnetism has a literal significance. That radiations are constantly emanating from our bodies and that temperamental individuals discharge radiations of great intensity. That the "laying on of hands" in the cure of disease is not mythical. That telekinesis (movements of objects without contact with the mover) is a reality. That the effects of human energy may be exerted at a greater distance in a dark than in a light room. The latter fact explains why in materialization, a dark seance room is demanded for better propitiation of the spirits.

Prove that telekinetic and kindred phenomena are dependent on a compound of the elementary consciousness of the "sitters"; each sitter enters as a dynamogenic element (production of nerve force) in the production of energy.

Approach the percipient with the extended fingers of one hand directed toward the pit of the stomach. Note the retardation of the pulse. Note that temperamental persons can exert this action at a great distance whereas others can only do so when the finger tips are almost in contact with the pit of the stomach of the percipient.

Note that when the finger tips of both hands are extended at the latter site, no effect on the pulse can be noted until one hand is removed. The human is essentially a battery, from the finger tips of one hand positive electricity is discharged and from the other hand, negative electricity. One electricity neutralizes the other and there is no energy evolved until one hand is removed.

The radiations from the hand cause a contraction of the heart (reflex) which is practically telekinesis on a small scale. Note that, with subdued light the energy from the finger tips, has a more accentuated action on the pulse at a further distance than in the light.

Man is a transformer of energy which he receives from his environment. Note that the pulse effects are greater after exposure of your body to an intense light or a current of electricity than before.

Note that when several persons grasp hands and one of the persons presents the fingers of his disengaged hand at the pit of the stomach of the percipient a greater affect is noted.

Experiment VII. - Showing that polarity is not the "exclusive" prerogative of magnetic materials. On either side of the wind-pipe in the neck, (Fig. 4) are the right and left pneumogastric nerves. When these nerves are stimulated, the needle movements show less amplitude and when they are deprest the movements show greater amplitude.

Fig. 4.- Lines indicating the site of the right and left pneumogastric nerves. Take a bar-magnet (held at end with fingers at right angles and directed at a right angle) and note the following effects on the amplitude of the needle:

Right Pneimiogastric Nerve

Positive pole (N) Increases amplitude
Negative pole (-) Decreases amplitude

Left Pneumogastric Nerve

Positive Decreases amplitude
Negative Increases amplitude


Right Pneiunogastric Nerve

Positive pole Decreases amplitude
Negative pole Increases amplitude

Left Pneumogastric Nerve

Positive Increases amplitude
Negative Decreases amplitude

Note that the foregoing refers only to the normal male and female. If, in a male or female, the polarity is reversed, the male would react like a female and vice versa. Sexual inclination is a matter of polarity and its determination may thus be demonstrated.

A mistake in your deduction is a serious matter. Note that the extended finger tips of the right hand of a normal male directed to the pneumogastric nerves act like the positive pole of a bar-magnet whereas the fingers of the left hand act like the negative pole of a like magnet. The opposite holds good in a normal female.

Note that Yellow Material on the head or body of a normal male or female will reverse the polarity of their finger tips. That is, the male will show female and the female, male polarity.

Color may thus influence sex tendencies. Show effects with the positive or negative end of any dry cell like with the magnet.

Many other interesting experiments will suggest themselves to the interested experimenter.

Remember, however, that the most mystifying phenomena rest upon the least complex causes; and the simpler a thing is, the harder it is to understand. Observe all the details as suggested. To demonstrate phenomena which have heretofore baffled the scientific world is at least worthy of patience.

* With all experiments with wires A and B, the latter should be insulated, excepting at the ends in contact with aerial and pit of the stomach of percipient. It can be fixed to the latter with a cord (over clothes), fastened to the skin with plaster or held by an assistant in such a way (also wire B) that the insulated portion of the wire is grasped with the finger ends directed away from the pit of the stomach (Fig. 3)

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