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A Telegraph-Sounder Engine

By Howard Rollo

The following article explains how to make a simple electric engine from a telegraph sounder, a steel rod and a few pieces of wood:

The wooden part consists of a base of 3 x 4 inches and upright 5 x 1 inches mounted at one end of the base, with a bracket 3 x 1 inches to hold the, upper bearing screw. Mount the magnets and yoke on the base and make a slight indentation with a drill or center punch in the exact center if the yoke to form a bearing for the shaft.

The shaft Consists of a mechanical toy rod about 4 inches long. File each end to a point and also file two flat surfaces on opposite sides of the rod, about 1 inch from the upper end. The iron armature should just clear the top of the magnets, and is fastened to the rod with solder or friction only. The brush is formed from a piece of copper wire fastened to the upright and bent around to touch the flat surfaces on the rod. It should make contact twice in every revolution. It should be adjusted so that contact is made when the armature is farthest away from the magnets and broken when the armature is over the magnets. This engine will run at a very high speed with one dry cell.

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