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Construction Of Novel Magnetic Rectifier


Here's a Simple Form of A. C. Rectifier That Will Appeal to Amateur Electricians.

The drawing the construction of a magnetic rectifier that uses the whole cycle of the A. C. current all the time, which results in a current almost as steady as from a storage battery.

The rectifier is made as follows: The coils are both wound in the same direction. Wire required, 1,000 feet, No. 30 S. S. C. wound on each core. The cores measure 2 inches long by H inches diameter and are preferably made of soft iron wires.

Two bar magnets are pivoted in the center and placed as close as possible to the cores without touching them. One side of A. C. line is grounded on one core, the other side of line to the other core. The D. C. is taken from each pivot that holds permanent magnets. The permanent magnets should have like poles facing each other.

The size of wire given is for 110 volt A. C. circuits. I have used this scheme and found it very satisfactory.

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