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An Amphibian Land, Water And Air Hydroplane

The accompanying illustration shows one of the latest inventions in the calm of hydroplanes and this particular species might well be classified as an amphibian of the first water. As its inventor states in his patent, -yes, he has really been granted a patent by Uncle Sam on this marvelous contraption, his airship may be used in the air, thru water or upon the land with equal facility. The inventor provides in his design for the combination of a lighter than air or buoyant flying machine with a watertight passenger compartment. Thus he has given us a vehicle which may be used on inundated or marine surfaces, and the vehicle is further provided with wheels, in such a manner as to move readily over any ground surface. The machine is fitted with suitable motors, planes and rudders, all of which are accessible and controllable from the interior of the enclosed cab of the airship.

This remarkable hydroplane should prove a great boon to the management of summer resorts, who are forever on the watch for something really new and novel. As our illustration discloses, a great variety of pleasure is afforded the passengers who embark on a voyage of adventure in this hybrid airship.

The superstructure consists essentially of a cylindrical metallic tube having a cigar shaped front end and an outer wall formed of a number of longitudinal ribs, which are in turn connected to an inner encircling band, thus forming a substantial framework for the ballonets or gas bags, which are used to give the airship the desired buoyancy. The car attached to the superstructure and ballonet frame at the bottom, is provided with windows and doors, all of which may be sealed hermetically from the interior of the car, so that the car may be run thru the water, fully submerged, when desirable or necessary, and in any event the passengers are assured of a most delightful trip among the fishes.

At the rear end of the car is a revolving screw for propelling the hydroplane thru the water, while a rudder is also used to control the direction of the airship in its flight thru the water. On top of the ballonet superstructure, the inventor places two masts for the support of a radio antenna one of which may act as a flag pole. Arranged along the center line of the superstructure on the exterior are a plurality of planes, which are maintained in the proper position by means of guy rods. Horizontal rudders are arranged in opposite pairs, each consisting of a series of blades mounted upon central shafts. All of the rudders and propellers are controllable by the aviator from within the cab. and by actuating the various rudder and plane controls, it is thus possible for the operator to cause the craft to fly on a level keel, or to turn at any desired angle, either upward or downward.

This amphibious airship is caused to fly thru the air by means of a pair of powerful propeller blades disposed on opposite sides of the gas bag frame as shown, and at the center of the ballonet superstructure.

These propeller blades are driven by the motor situated within the car by means of bevel gears. Coney Island and the rest of the amusement parks threaten to take all of our spare nickels and dimes this summer, with such irresistible and fascinating diversions as this before us.

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