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Using Gravity Batteries To Charge Storage Cells

By V. A. Schye

A convenient method of charging storage cells with gravity batteries is outlined in the illustration herewith. A change-over switch-board is shown, connecting to both sets of batteries, so that when the two switches are in one position, say "charge," the crow-foot cells will re-energize the storage batteries. When the switches are thrown in the position marked "service," the storage cells are connected in series to the lamp circuit as perceived.

The storage cell connected across the charging mains should be transposed with the other cells periodically, as it will tend to charge faster than the others and also it will not discharge as fast as the rest, in view of the fact that the crow-foot cells are "floated" across the terminals of same. The gravity cells yield about .95 volt each and for each storage cell under charge, the potential developed by the source of energy used to replenish same should be figured at 2.75 to 3 volts. In this case the storage cells are connected in parallel while charging, so that three or four gravity cells in series will usually suffice.

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