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A Novel Electric Engine

by Paul Nachemson

In Fig. I of the illustration is shown the side view; in Fig 2, the end view; while the cut Fig. 3, gives the working details of armature "S." The connections are shown in Fig. 1. In reference to the lettering of the illustration PP1 are two binding posts, next a brass support for M an ordinary - electro-magnet, B1 is a copper or phosphor Bronze brush which makes contact with the projection on S. A sheetiron swing S, is made after the model in Fig. 3.

It swings on the axle A2. B2 is a brush making contact with A2. A1 is a shaft which joins the connecting rod C to the swing S. A3 is a camshaft to which it fastened the fly-wheel F, and a small pulley.

Dimensions can be made to suit the constructor.

I have used this motor for some time and have found it satisfactory in every respect.

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