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Simple Electric Welder

By Jack Parrish

This welding device is excellent for light work such as welding wires, and at the same time is an interesting appliance to work with. An iron pipe one by fifteen inches is insulated with mica and a coil of heavy iron wire wrapped around it. This should be mounted on a slate base. A carbon block and a carbon pencil, with some kind of a holder such as an old screwdriver, will also be required.

The carbon block can be made out of the carbons from old dry cells. The carbons should be cut so that the sides are square. Eight of these may be bolted together in the form of a square and tied. This will give a very good block. The carbon pencil can be made from the carbon out of a flash-light cell. It should be pointed on one end and clamped to the handle on the other.

The object to be welded is to be placed on the carbon block, then the pencil is touched to the carbon block and quickly drawn away about a quarter inch. This strikes an arc. Next push the carbon pencil toward the object to be welded, but do not touch the metal. The intense heat set up by the arc will in a very short time melt the object near it, and the metal will run together.

Very good work can be done with this device after a little practice. Smoked or colored glasses should be worn when using the apparatus, as the extremely bright light of the arc is injurious to the eyes.

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