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Cutting Glass Bottles


It often happens that one desires to cut a glass bottle to make a battery jar or for whatever purpose, but there seems to be a common impression that it is difficult to do, while as a matter of fact it is exceedingly simple, and I have performed it many times and with good results.

All you need is to get a brick or some other non-inflammable substance of whatever height you wish to cut your jar. Next, place a heavy or preferably a short length of 1/2-inch iron rod, in the fire and heat about six inches of the end to a bright red heat.

Then using the brick as a rest or guide, as in Fig. 1, turn the bottle slowly, keeping the red hot bar well in contact with the bottle until the bar just ceases to be red. Then quickly plunge the bottle in a pail of cold water, and if carefully done a fine crack will be the result. The theory of this idea is that glass is a very poor conductor of heat, and as the bar touches the glass only a fine line all around the bottle, it will therefore only be heated in a fine ring around same and the rest remains comparatively cool. Upon plunging, in the water a click will be heard and the neck and upper part of bottle will remain in your hand, Fig. 2, leaving an edge cut as clean as if cut with a glazier's diamond.

Another trick is to saturate a woolen string with turpentine and then set fire to it. The bottle is then plunged into cold water.

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