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Air Flow Heater

Air Heaters use the fact that air is warmed as it flows turbulently through the blades of a blower or pump with no other fuel used other than electricity to turn the motor. They are a way of heating air effectively and efficiently with a multi-stage blower that can pump air at a flow rate adequate to serve as a heater. Each stage of the heater is especially effective in heating air and can achieve at least a 10 degree. temperature rise, the air  flows in a zigzag path radically outward and inward, increasing the air temperature at each stage, to require only a few stages for a usable temperature increase. The stator stages can be stacked  to get the temperature increase needed. Since the air passes only once through each stage, the air heater is also effective as a through-flow pump that can distribute heated air through ducts in a building. The air heater heats return air without changing moisture content or causing any odor; and since it has no high temperature region, it is safe and practical in explosive or flammable environments. It offers simplicity, economy, safety, efficiency, and capability of serving both as an air-pumping blower and as a heater that can increase the temperature of the flowing air. Plans Only.







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