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Acoustic Cannon

Military and law enforcement personnel have a need for non-lethal weapons. Such weapons are useful in riot control to disperse a hostile crowd. In sniper and hostage situation, a non-lethal weapon provides a means to neutralize a hostile target without collateral damage to hostages, bystanders or property. A non-lethal weapon is useful to neutralize sentries, for incapacitating a person or warning devices. This is an acoustic device that emits repetitive sonic pulses capable of dispersing or incapacitating a target. More particularly, a planar array of multiple acoustic pulse sources cooperates to generate highly focused pulses of high intensity sonic energy over a small area. It's a portable acoustic weapon capable of dispersing or disabling human targets over distances of from less than 10 meters to in excess of 100 meters. It is capable of producing a shock pulse effective to cause disorientation and debilitation, without permanent injury, to minimize harm to hostages, bystanders and property. It effectively incapacitates or disperses a target with a minimal threat of lethality. The acoustic device is relatively lightweight and operated by a single person. Plans only.






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